January 31, 2008

new year, new issues

So its a new year...well, it has been for almost a month now. We finally got all the testing done, even the HSG. THAT was unpleasant! All tests normal.

We went for our follow up and "fertility plan" yesterday. All of my questions were kind of glanced over, and it was noted that there DID seem to be a problem, even though tests dont show it. Then the fun part. Apparently at my annual the dr. noticed that my thyroid was "prominent". I bring this up and the RE checks and indeed it is. He sends us for more tests and refers us to a medical endocrinologist. Yay. Another doctor. Now we are just waiting for the new test results and then a call from new doctor (lets call him ME).

Now the "fertility plan". For the next few months its back on birth control. Yippee. I really miss the migrains. Then in April/May we stop birth control and start the clomid/progesterone mix. Ive done this before. Its not terribly exciting, and it definitely did not help any of the problems then. Why should it now? I'll give it a couple months I suppose.

Its nice to have a plan, but I was hoping for something different. This isnt different. How can the same thing work when it didnt before?

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice."--W.J. Bryant