September 27, 2008

another round

Well, here we go again. Today was another IUI. Tomorrow is another IUI. Im so sick of the meds and everything. This time the clomid did work (surprise, just before I could convince them to change it!). There were 4 follicles, 2 at 18 and 2 around 15. They (again) didnt think I'd surge on my own and I did. At least this is a saturday and sunday IUI. Im running out of sick days at work!

Overall, I am still hopeful. I have to be. I am just tired. I really hope this works.

September 11, 2008

so high then so low...

Over the summer I really felt like I FINALLY came to grips with the whole infertility/miscarriage thing. I felt I was in a good place and I was exactly where I was supposed to be, even if the place sucked. Yesterday I came crashing down. After everything weve done why will nothing work? I would love to be throwing up everyday and sick sick sick-if only to be pregnant! What are we doing wrong?

DO NOT TELL ME TO RELAX! It will not happen any quicker or better if I just let things go. Some people should know better than to even suggest that! If you have ever gone through infertility treatments or a miscarriage then you should be supportive. If you cant think of anything to say then just SAY NOTHING! Its better than crappy advice like: just relax, go on vacation, stop thinking about it, or just have a lot of sex.

And to all those people who keep asking me if Im pregnant or have kids....stop being nosy. NO I am not pregnant. Thank you for telling me that Ive gained weight. I love taking fertility drugs that DO NOT WORK and having all of the side effects. NO, we do not have any kids. YES we would like them...YESTERDAY! No we do not have any pets because we dont have kids. No we do not travel a lot since we are not TIED DOWN.

I just wish I could scream at people and tell them to GET A LITTLE COMMON SENSE, SENSITIVITY, and a FREAKING FILTER FOR THEIR THOUGHTS/ADVICE!

Sorry for the rant. Like I said, this is not a good place to be right now.