March 04, 2009

First big scare, but everything is ok.

long day.....dont worry. got to spend the day at dr.'s office and hospital plus a fun ambulance ride.

im home now. i had cramping, backache, possible pPROM...stupid me went to work. called dr. said to get into the office asap. got there...they tried to do a ffn test and somehow i started bleeding a lot. they called the ambulance and sent me to L&D after getting a steroid shot. at L&D i stopped bleeding. baby doing great. having some contractions, but not many. still in pain though. have appt tomorrow at dr office again to get 2nd steroid shot. not sure what is going on. grr. ill find out about bedrest tomorrow also.

good news is my cervix is now out of the possible danger range and still closed, so the ctx are not dilating me.

i just dont know what is going was a lot of blood and some really big clots. i know they wouldnt have discharged me if there was a serious problem but im a bit traumatized.

sorry for the rambling post, just processing stuff still. ill update when i know what is next.

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